Saturday, May 7, 2011

DAY TWO ---> 10 Thing You LOve

Selamat Siang...Game utk hari ke 2..hahaha..penat otak lala sbb dikerah utk berpikir..*kesian otak lala...

10 Things i LOVE

FAMILY... i love my family so much,my parents n my bro..without them i will no body..that y i still "ADIK" for them..hahaha....

ENCIK B...yes,i love him so much coz watever i have done in my past life,encik B accept me with all his heart without asking or judging..n his also COOL you know even sometimes i act like the incredible hulk..hahaha... 

ENCIK PUTIH....a.k.a my car..i bought after 8 month i work..even is a small car but i love it so much..

ENCIK acer lappy.without lappy i think i will be bored n crazy...hahaha bcoz i can't blogging n blogwalking to any blog..also i can't surf internet n doing my work..

ANGAN-ANGAN LALA...yes...i love my blog so much.

MY room sweet world..

SHOES...i love it coz i'm addicted for shoes..

FASTFOOD.. i love McDonalds more than KFC..

MUSIC & READING..herapy for me..

SHOPPING N WINDOW SHOPPING...yes,i love both especially hunting for shoes..hehehe

- L.A.L.A -

p/s:abaikan penggunaan English yg ntah ape2...

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